Improve your schools with Edvantage ™.

It’s the only complete end-to-end educational analytic and reporting platform available.

It seamlessly connects to any system and displays your student analytics in a simple dashboard that’s easy to use.

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Track Anything

You can configure Edvantage ™
to track anything like:

  • At-Risk Students
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Common Core Achievement
  • Programs and their effectiveness
  • Data Quality

Empower Data – Driven Decisions

Edvantage ™‘s data model and reporting environment support educators’ efforts to make data informed decisions in a comprehensive and systematic way. We have designed our reporting products to support a wide range of stakeholder groups, provide secure access, support many reporting formats and tools, and allow for customized analytics.

Support Many Stakeholders

Edvantage ™ supports a wide range of stakeholder groups, including superintendents, administrative leaders, research and assessments, principals, teachers, specialists, counselors and IT staff.


A SUPERINTENDENTSuperintendents use Edvantage ™ to…

  • Support strategic, data-based planning and decisions throughout the educational process
  • Measure progress toward strategic goals, program impact, and resource allocation
  • Identify emerging trends over time with longitudinal analysis and reports
  • Enable school and district staff to use data to inform decision-making and planning.
  • Benchmark performance with measures such as student outcomes, educator effectiveness, and growth

A PRINCIPALPrincipals use Edvantage ™ to…

  • Initiate strategic, data-informed conversations with teachers, parents and students
  • Disaggregate student and staff data to inform decisions and measure  progress towards goals
  • Benchmark the impact of programs and processes with multiple measures
  • Identify and intervene with at-risk students using early-warning and on-track-to-graduation indicators
  • Create and follow cohorts of students to ensure academic success

A TEACHERTeachers use Edvantage ™ to…

  • Use data to support instructional decision making, planning, and differentiated instruction
  • Measure classroom and student progress towards academic and behavioral goals
  • Understand the impact of their instructional decisions and interventions
  • Support students’ engagement in personal goal-setting
  • Better understand student needs with longitudinal student profiles

IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT)IT staff prefer Edvantage ™ to…

  • Save implementation time using pre-built connectors to educational systems
  • Save dashboard creation time by using pre-built and configurable content
  • Assure information security using built in sophisticated security conforming to all privacy laws
  • Easily grow with the agencies expanding data needs
  • Leverage existing security from AD, LDAP, and/or the SIS

Support Many Reporting Formats & Tools, Including:

  • Dashboards – high-level metrics representing key indicators of system health with drilling to individual students, schools, and staff
  • Reports – in depth analysis that supports causal analysis and long term planning and improvement
  • Interactive reports – provides both high-level and low-level analysis to stakeholders. Allows stakeholders to explore system-wide measures while also drilling down to individual data
  • Ad-Hoc – allows users to analyze any possible combination of data elements

Provide Secure Access

We provide secure access to an integrated data reporting environment that allows users to combine different sources of data including:

  • Student profile and historical data
  • Formative and summative data
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Growth and value-added measures
  • Predictive analytics

See why 700 school districts nationwide use Edvantage ™Schedule a Demo